Lest We Forget

With Armistace Day just gone I thought long and hard about how I would like to show my gratefulness towards all of those brave men, women and children that have died for our freedom during all fought wars.

I had an uncle that died in WW2. Of course this was 38 years before my birth. It was even way before the birth of my parents, but when I look at his picture I can’t help thinking how different my grandparents and great-grandparents’ lives would’ve been if uncle Albert did not get killed in action as an RAF pilot. Therefore, in his memory, I have created this mani.


How did I do it?

First I started with Nails Inc Caviar base coat. As I have mentioned in my previous post, my nails is not in a very good condition at the moment due to the turn of the season and I do find that this base coat is wonderfully nourishing.


As I was chatting to my parents on FaceTime, I was rummaging through my nail varnish drawer and realised that my two recently acquired, untried polishes from Nails Inc are the perfect shades for a Remembrance Day manicure.

Polishes for today's mani
Polishes for today’s mani

I decided that the Soho Magnetic polish will be the perfect sombre backdrop for a single red stamped flower.

I don’t own any stamping plates that has a poppy on it and I really cannot draw for the life of me, but after a bit of aimlessly going through my various stamping plates I had a light bulb moment when I saw the MoYou Frenchy No 12 Stamping plate. On this plate there was some single flower heads and one of them could easily be disguised as a poppy!

As the chrome-coloured Soho polish is magnetic (fishnet effect) I thought it will look good if I only use the magnet on my ring fingers as I intended to stamp this finger with the flower. I did quite like the effect it gave, however, it is a realy shame that this effect does not cover my entire nail as I think the final result would’ve been nicer.

I then used MoYou London’s Black Knight stamping polish on the flower before colouring it in with a dotting tool using Nails Inc Victoria and Albert nail varnish on the MoYou London Kaleidoscope stamper. At first I was a bit disappointed as you could see completely through the red, but once dry, I carefully covered the back of the flower with a lay-around white polish (I got it in a magazine years ago; it doesn’t even have a name!) followed by a dab of Seche Vite.

Stamped and coloured flowers
Stamped and coloured flowers

The end result?

I stamped the finished design on my now dried nails and completed the look with a wipe of Seche Vite to seal it all in.

Who would you like to remember?


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